Onsite Training

Onsite Training SamAdm May 20, 2022
ONSITE TRAINING To Internal Audit Teams by experienced trainers
We offer onsite training to Internal Audit Teams by experienced trainers for - Internal Audit, Risk Management, Data Analytics, IT Auditing.

Learning Methodology would include Classroom teaching, Class Discussions and Exercises, Case Study, Management Films, Videos, Management Games and Multiple Choice Question Test.

Duration of the Programmes can be tailored based on the desired learning outcomes and can be from half day events, 1 day, 2 days, 3 days or for any larger period as required.

Should you desire our inputs in designing or conducting a training programme or training sessions on any of the subjects

Internal Audit Training is offered as a complete Internal Audit process or in modules as desired by organisations
  • Internal Audit Charter
  • Risk Based Internal Audit Planning
  • Internal Audit Process and Techniques
  • Internal Control - COSO Framework
  • Communication in Internal Audit
  • Internal Audit Reporting
  • IT Audit and IT Forensics
  • Using Data Analytics - IDEA
  • Combating Frauds
ISO 31000 is the global best practice in Risk Management. Our association with “Broadleaf Capital International Pty Ltd, Australia” provides a unique opportunity to bringing this global best practice to Organisations in South Asia. The training modules cover the entire process of Enterprise Risk Management and can be offered as a complete programme of 2 days or modular with varying levels of detail as desired by organisations
  • ERM - An Introduction
  • ERM in an Organisation
  • Risk Assessment and Risk Treatment
  • Implementing ERM
  • Control Assurance
  • Project & Investment Risk Management
A comprehensive course on Data Analytics integrated with Internal Audit realities in application of CAAT’s can be offered. While there is a standard structure to the course, the case studies to be used in the course is normally designed based on inputs from the organisations. A standard Programme is structured on the basis of the IDEA Boot Camp programme.

IDEA Data Analysis Software – Onsite Training

Course Schedule

  1. Managing Databases – Project Management, Library, File Explorer, Database Management
  2. Obtaining and Importing the Data – Planning, Different File Types, Importing Different File Types.
  3. Reconciling and Examining the Data – Reconciliation Principles, Using Control Total, Field Statistics, Indexing, Sorting, Find and Group Records.
  4. Isolating Specific Records – Filtering Data, Using Equation Editor, Direct Extraction
  5. Profiling Data – Stratification – all types, Summarisation, Use of Pivot Table
  6. Identifying Irregularities – Finding Duplicates and Non-Duplicates, Identifying Gaps
  7. Sampling – Systematic Record Sampling, Random Record Sampling, Stratified Random Sampling
  8. Field Manipulation – Modifying Fields, Appending Fields of different types
  9. Building Simple Equations using @ Functions
  10. Using Multiple Databases – Appending Databases, Joining Databases
  11. Working with Output – Report, Export Data, Transfer Data
  12. Documentation Standards

IDEA Data Analysis Software – Onsite Training

Course Schedule:

  1. Recap of Introductory Training and Lessons Learnt
  2. Advanced Imports – Using the Record Definition Editor, Import complex files using Report Reader
  3. Advanced Tasks – Extracting Selected records, Working with Key Value Extraction, Indexed Extraction, Top Records Extraction, Define Action Fields, Search
  4. Advanced Sampling Techniques – Monetary Unit Sampling, Attribute Sampling
  5. Connecting Multiple Databases – Using Full text search, Compare Databases, Join Vs Visual Connector
  6. Introduction to IDEA Script – Overview, Automating Repetitive Tasks, Creating Macros
  7. Benford’s Law – Working with Benford’s Law
  8. Advanced Field Manipulation
  9. Advanced @ Functions
  10. Using Custom Functions
  11. Using Advanced Statistical Methods – Trend Analysis, Correlation, Time Series
  12. Case Studies

Scripting for Enhanced Analytics

Course Schedule:

  1. Introduction to IDEA Script – Automating Repetitive Tasks, Create a Local automated audit system, working with other OLE –Enabled Software, Creating Special tests and/or functions, Importing Files
  2. Recording a Macro – Planning, Using Visual Script Editor
  3. The IDEA Script Environment – IDEA Script Window, Create a Macro from History Log, Binding the Macro to the Windows Ribbon
  4. Understanding the IDEA Script Syntax
  5. Working with Macros – Introducing Variables, Constants and Data Types, Naming Variables, Documenting Macros
  6. Customizing Macros – Add Input Boxes, Message Boxes…
  7. Using the Language Browser – Control Structures, Conditional Structures, Repeating or Looping Structures, Branching Structures
  8. Functions & Sub routines
  9. Array Handling
  10. Creating Dialog Boxes
  11. Error Validation
  12. General – Good practices, Using specialised routines,
  13. Case Studies
IT Auditing courses covering a wide spectrum of areas is being offered. These include
  • Information Security
  • Digital / Computer Forensics
  • ERP Security