About Us

About Us SamAdm May 20, 2022

Years of Work Experience

Sama was formed in 1998 with an objective to enable business excellence through the use of world class Software, for competent Business Leaders, Managers, Risk and Audit Professionals and stronger processes and assurance structures.

Having taken a lead in promoting audit solutions in India, it has become a leading player as a Data Analysis Solutions provider. Sama works with a wide range of organisations/institutions in the Government, Public Sector and Private Sector in South Asia and Middle East in institutionalising the solutions and ensuring that they are operational on an ongoing basis. Sama currently offers some of the most effective solutions globally available in the field of Continuous Control Monitoring, Data Analysis and Risk Management.

To transform the life of Business Leaders, Managers and Risk and Audit Professionals by making available state of the art solutions, training and services in the field of Governance Risk and Compliance from across the world.

We believe that the critical success factors in this mission are:

  • Clients are the reason of what we do – delivering it right the first time every time
  • People are at the foundation for this – we must foster creativity and develop individuals into potential leaders.
Values and Beliefs

We believe that transparency and fairness form the basis of all dealings.


We value intellectual modesty.


We value a deep sense of responsibility and self discipline, to meet and surpass on commitments made.


We believe that knowledge is the key driver of business and that given the environment every person will realize his/ her potential.


We value nurturing active curiosity – questioning, sharing and improving.


We believe that innovations in solutions (software, programmes and process) are necessary for continuously adding value to all stakeholders.


What We Do

Looking for expertise?

The team at Sama seeks to provide a forum for exchange of leading cutting edge ideas in the areas of Governance Risk and Compliance through its Seminars, Conference and Workshops. Since 1999, a broad canvas of subjects in the field of Internal Audit and Risk Management has been covered.

Leading practitioners from India and the world have been brought together by Sama to provide practical, implementable ideas to participants from across South Asia and Middle East in these programmes. The Knowledge Series programmes bring the latest thoughts to the professionals from leaders in the field.

Sama is actively supported by a group of Professionals who are leaders in the field of Internal Audit and Risk Management. Headquartered in Mumbai, the financial capital of India, Sama also has presence Pune, the InfoTech city near Mumbai and also the cultural capital of Maharashtra. It has an in-house expertise in the field of Internal Audit, COSO, SOX, Clause 49 and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).

Driven by a passion for this field, we seek to work with business leaders and achieve business excellence through institutionalisation of the appropriate solutions that help an organization to meet its specific needs.