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Business Advisory SamAdm May 20, 2022

Business Advisory and Governance Consulting

Business in India today is faced with growing uncertainty and opportunity not limited by boundaries but by imagination and managerial capabilities. In this increasingly flat world a small business can act big using Information Technology. With increasing involvement of knowledge workers in businesses, managing their productivity and achieving desired performances are the challenges being faced.

Our consulting services include business advisory, training, drafting policies and designing SOP’s, defining MIS, establishing a framework of meetings for review of business performance, review of working capital management practices, review of statutory compliance framework, introducing best practices in business processes and generally working with the management for superior performance of business.

We help organisations find their way in this maze by providing consulting services and being with them during the implementation phase too.

Designing and Building up of SOP's including MIS and Review Mechanisms

GOALSTo prepare Standard Operating Procedures for the Organisation for all the processes of the Organisation
  • Procure to Pay for Production including capital expenditure – Materials and Job Contracts

  • Plan and Release Requirements
  • Finalise Purchase/Work Order – Request for Proposal, Evaluation of Offers, and Finalisation of Order including Managing Budgets
  • Manage Vendors – Supplier and Contractors – Registration to Evaluation
  • Accounts Payable – Bill Booking – Receipt, Passing and Accounting
  • Accounts Payable – Advance Payment
  • Accounts Payable – Payment
  • ERP updation and workflow for all above processes

  • Inventory – RM, PM, Stores,Utilities and FG

  • Security Gate Procedures
  • Record Weighbridge activity
  • Receive Material
  • Inspection and quality check
  • Issue Materials and tools including returns and for the fuel pump also
  • Manage Returnable Material
  • Manage Loan Material, if any
  • Manage Project Issues and its reconciliation
  • Material Accounting – ERP updation and workflow including Excise and Service Tax
  • Stock Verification
  • Inventory Valuation
  • Manage Inventory Levels

  • Production

  • Maintain Activity Logs for each stage of production and where required for each equipment
  • Monitoring Production Efficiency
  • Manage Safety

  • Maintenance

  • Manage Equipment Master
  • Request for Maintenance – Breakdown
  • Generate Work Orders
  • Define Material Requirements
  • Monitor Material Consumption and Returns
  • Shutdown Maintenance – Prepare Budget, Monitor Overruns, Reconcile and Review
  • Manage Downtime
  • Monitor Performance Efficiency

  • Logistics and Despatch

  • Manage Transport Arrangements – Road, Sea, Rail
  • Record Warehousing activities and Monitor efficiency
  • Confirm Material Receipt at Locations and monitor time
  • ERP updation and workflow for all above processes
  • Manage Exit from Factory

  • Administration

  • Compliance to the Factories Act and Labour Laws including Contract Labour Regulation Act – Registers and Returns
  • Manage Establishment – Administrative Buildings, Residential Colony including Top Management Residence
  • Manage Security – Gate Procedures for Management, Staff and Labour – Company and Contract, Material, Vehicles and Visitors
  • Manage Safety and Access Controls
  • Manage transport vehicles
  • Manage travel for staff and company guests
  • Regional Office Administration – Maintain office premises and related transactions, Travel expense and other expenses

  • Order to Cash

  • Manage Dealers – Identification to Master Creation, Continuation and Separation, Security Deposit
  • Manage Storage Locations – Depot Operations
  • Plan Inventory at Storage Locations and Prepare Plan
  • Manage Credit – Set up limits and monitor limits
  • Manage Orders including Diversions and Sales Accounting
  • Accounts Receivable – Manage Collections including C Forms where required
  • Accounts Receivable – Monitor Outstanding
  • Field Force Management – Daily Call Reporting, Travel and Expense Claim Settlement
  • Manage Branding Activities
  • Dealer expense claims
  • Manage Export Sales including Export Benefits

  • Personnel

  • Manpower Planning, Recruitment, Appraisal, Promotion, Exit
  • Attendance Recording and Leave Management
  • Payroll
  • Schemes, Benefits and Allowances
  • Loans & Advances
  • Travel
  • Welfare
  • Full and Final Settlement
  • Disciplinary Actions

  • Finance & Accounts

  • Chart of Accounts
  • Cash Receipt and Payment including verifications
  • Bank Receipt and Payments including physical instrument controls, Bank Guarantees, Letter of Credit and Reconciliation
  • Payroll disbursement and related statutory payments
  • Expense Management
  • General Ledger
  • Budgetary Control

  • Deliverable

  • Standard operating procedure including the policy and procedure of implementing the policy in the areas specified
  • The dimensions covered :
    1. Process flowcharts
    2. Documentation adequacy – Legal and commercial terms
    3. Delegation authority and other controls
    4. MIS

  • Preparation of a work plan indicating job/activity, date of execution, time span etc.

  • In each area of activity obtain and understand the Departmental Structure and authority schedule specifying delegation of powers and authorities.

  • To review the existing systems and procedures of all activity areas.

  • Conduct a system walkthrough with few transactions and compare with the system and procedures as explained to us. These transactions would be selected at random from the database.

  • Capture business processes during the discussions and system walkthrough. The Head of each activity should validate the process during a workshop attended by the Head of Department and Unit Head and Operations Head.

  • Identify the system and procedure weaknesses and list out the same. Diagnose the factors influencing the weaknesses and work out solutions including policy/procedure formats to reduce/eliminate the same.

  • Submit the Draft Report on Improvement Opportunities.

  • Discuss the Draft Report and Note changes.

  • Finalise the report with clear timelines of actions and implementation dates with responsibility.

  • Document the SOP.

  • Discuss SOP with Operating Teams.

  • Finalise SOP.

In case you feel a facilitator and business guide can help you in managing your business, do give us a call to know more about how we could be your partners in progress.

Working Capital Management

GOALSTo assess working capital requirements for each group company for a specified period or until change in identified circumstances such that each company has adequate working capital and excess available funds are transferred to the centralized Corporate Services for investment/deployment.
  • For each Group Company understand the business plans and activities for the next 3 years and the working capital requirement estimated or budgeted.

  • Understand each component of working capital over the last 5 years for each company and its relation to turnover and capital investment. Work out various ratios for analysis.

  • Categorize each company as per its industry segment and scale and identify other companies within this segment for which financial data is available from public sources. The company officials to help in the identification and data gathering process.

  • Compare ratios for each company vis a vis the other identified companies for the same period.

  • Work out a monthly cash flow statement for each company as per existing working capital norms.

  • Work out a monthly cash flow statement for each company as per suggested working capital norms, if any.

  • Submit the Draft Report on Improvement Opportunities.

  • Provide a report of working capital assessment with detailed analysis (benchmarked data and our suggestions with basis) for debate and discussion by Operating and Corporate Management towards finalisation of targeted working capital norms for each working capital component for each company.

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