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Alessa - a Caseware RCM ProductAlessa (formerly known as CaseWare Monitor), is used in more than 20 countries by banking, insurance, FinTech, gaming, manufacturing, and retail companies to identify high-risk entities and activities early, engage the business to investigate and remediate any potential issues and comply with regulations. This is achieved by seamlessly making fraud prevention and compliance part of business day-to-day activities.

One Product. Multiple Solutions.

Alessa, meaning noble defender, is a continuous controls and financial crimes risk management solution that allows organizations to quickly identify suspicious activities and high-risk entities in compliance, finance, purchasing and procurement programs.

With early detection of elevated risk, Alessa allows organizations to investigate these activities early, make informed decisions, automatically create an auditable trail, comply with regulations and protect revenues.

Alessa is already trusted by banks, MSBs, fintechs, insurance, gaming, manufacturing and retail companies in over 20 countries to prevent money laundering, breaches in internal controls, purchase card (p-card) abuse, travel and entertainment (T&E) expenses fraud, and insurance fraud.

Alessa is also used for sanctions screening of clients, transaction monitoring, retail store monitoring and taxation reporting and customs compliance.

AML Compliance

Alessa integrates with existing systems to detect suspicious activities, automate processes, reduce false-positives, decrease repetitive tasks and engage the entire organization in a culture of compliance. The solution includes:

  • Due diligence
  • Sanctions and watch list screening
  • Transaction monitoring and screening
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Advanced analytics, workflow automation, case management and more

Sanctions Screening

Alessa protects organizations by identifying high-risk persons and businesses and enabling them to manage the risk. The solution offers:

  • On-demand screening allows users to evaluate the risk of an entity by entering their information
  • Scheduled periodic assessments promptly identify changes in risk profiles for the entire customer base
  • Real-time screening allows onboarding and transaction monitoring systems to assess the risk of an entity, including third parties

Procurement Monitoring

Alessa allows companies to examine all electronic activity for errors and fraud during the procurement cycle before payments are made. The solution includes:

  • Vendor risk management
  • Payments monitoring and screening
  • Advanced analytics including machine learning
  • Dashboards, workflows and case management

Fraud Detection & Prevention

Build fraud management directly into your daily operations with Alessa. Using risk intelligence data and advanced analytics such as anomaly detection and machine learning, our solution is able to detect high-risk activities, persons and businesses.

At Alessa we help organizations focus on prevention as opposed to expensive investigations and cost-recovery services.

Continuous Controls Monitoring

Whether through internal audit or risk management units, Alessa can continuously monitor internal controls and processes to detect failures and prevent the loss of time, money and reputation.

This is done by allowing organizations to assess performance of programs against targets, flagging potential violations and connecting disparate data sources to create aggregate insights that can be used to identify control breakdowns and opportunities to improve controls, governance and efficiencies.

Transaction Monitoring

Alessa offers the ability to screen transactions in real-time, by events and/or periodically. The solution feeds transactions into the analytics platform and depending on the configuration, will either allow, flag or block transactions.

High-risk transactions can be sent for further investigation using Alessa’s workflow and case management module and a decision made to confirm or release the block.

All workflows are configurable to be as granular or simple as required. Features include assignments to users/teams, permissions, escalations and root cause indicators.

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