Internal Audit Courses

Internal Audit Courses SamAdm June 21, 2022

INGAF – Sama
Joint Internal Audit course
Institute of Government Accounts & Finance (INGAF), CGA, Ministry of Finance, Government of India and Sama Audit Systems & Softwares Pvt. Ltd. & Joint course on Internal Auditing

A five week course on Internal Auditing was developed for “Institute of Government Accounts & Finance (INGAF)”, training academy of Controller General of Accounts Office (CGA), Ministry of Finance, Government of India to be jointly run at four centres – New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai in 2013. A total of 140 participants were trained in five batches in September, 2013 and October,2013.

The course design was made to ensure that there is general appreciation for and the ability to use and further develop the concepts and practices of Internal Audit – Theory and Process including Reporting, Control Frameworks, Risk Management, Fraud, IT Audit and Communication skills. The core framework for the same was the available International and National Standards on Internal Audit, Internal Control and Risk Management. The course was made into a compact 5 week course including one week of practical internal audit to be carried out in the field. The Book on “Internal Audit – Governance, Risk & Control” by Deepjee Singhal and Manish Pipalia published by CCH India was sought to be kept as the core reference material apart from other reading material which was compiled in 3 volumes. As Good Governance is the core for an Internal Auditor a Book on “Corporate Governance and Stewardship” by Dr. N. Balasubramanian published by Tata McGraw Hill India was considered to be sound reference material for the participants. A book on “Rahat Lekha” by Supriya Nath which is a case study on streamlining and ensuring payments to Bhopal gas victims and is an exemplary work carried out by CAG Accounts was also given to all participants.

The course was delivered as a mix of theory classes led by the faculty, learning from video films, case studies, class exercises, management games, class discussions and field project.

The course culmination was with a Multiple Choice Question Test for the participants centrally controlled and administered by INGAF. Further assessment on the Group Project and Class Participation was built into the course examination system.

On 16th September , 2013, the ‘Takshashila’ classroom of INGAF, New Delhi reverberated to the tune of ‘Vandemataram’ as Shri Jawahar Thakur, Controller General of Accounts, lit the lamp of knowledge to inaugurate the first ever 5 week Certification Course on Internal Audit to be conducted by the Institute of Government Accounts and Finance (INGAF) in association with Sama Audit Systems and Softwares Pvt. Ltd.

INGAF – Delhi Training Centre

RTC – Chennai Training Centre

Bombay Chartered Accountants Society Internal Audit Course

A four month course on Internal Auditing was developed by “Sama” advisors, Mr.Deepjee Singhal, Chartered Accountant and Mr.Manish Pipalia, Chartered Accountant in 2002. This six months course specifically developed for Chartered Accountants, was run jointly with Wellingkars School of Business Management on Saturdays and Sundays over six months. Faculty was drawn from practicing Chartered Accountants and Chief Audit Executives in industry.

The course was a mix of theory and practical case studies.