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IDEA Boot Camp, March, 2016 SamAdm March 10, 2016

The IDEA Boot Camp is the premier event for IDEA Data Analysis Software users from beginners to specialists. Whether you are new to IDEA, a seasoned user or just considering it – you will find there is a lot to learn and implement at this exciting one of a kind event. The Boot Camp will provide you with the required skill sets in terms of data analysis, control testing, MIS reporting, complex data mining, large database reconciliation, statistical sampling, red-flag analytics and continuous monitoring to take your analytic experience in IDEA to the next level.

CaseWare Analytics, Canada has launched IDEA version 10 quite recently and the Boot Camp will cover three of the most valuable feature enhancements that will accentuate your analytic intelligence through IDEA – Discovery, Visualisation and Fuzzy Duplicates.

It was very interesting especially advanced scripting, automated scripting which can enhance performance and effectiveness of audit analytics.

– IT Auditor from The Tata Power Company Limited

The program was well structured and liked the recap on Day 3.

– P2P Manager from Cognizant Technology Solutions

Very amazing tool to work and explore. Very user friendly. Brings in huge data analysis in one single step. Also puts all files in one platform that directly impacts efficiency and effectiveness in a positive manner. Trainers have very good command on the tool.

– Audit Manager from T.R.Chadha & Co Chartered Accountants