Risk Management, Corporate Governance & Control Assurance

2 - great workshop on Risk Management, Corporate Governance & Control Assurance

Sharing of Experience in Internal Audit

Regency Ballroom III, Hyatt Regency Mumbai, Sahar Airport Road Mumbai

Date : 18th January, 2003

Business Risk Management and Internal Controls

20th January, 2003 –Council Room  - Hotel Blue Diamond - Pune

Sharing of Experience in Internal Audit

Venue : Regency Ballroom III, Hyatt Regency Mumbai, Sahar Airport Road Mumbai

Date : 18th January, 2003

Course Background

In a business environment characterized by increased competition, increasing pressures on bottom-lines, fast  paced growth and innovation, Top Management globally are becoming focused on value addition. Activities are  coming under scrutiny in terms of costs and benefits.

Attempts has been made to have knowledgeable experience Chief Internal Auditors from leading organisations,  share their learning’s to enable the Internal Audit fraternity to learn and apply the available body of knowledge  of Operational  Auditing to their respective organisations.

Programme Participation

Companies are encouraged to sponsor their nominees drawn from top/middle management positions in Internal  Audit and assurance and finance functions. The programme is tailored to suit both incumbent officers and  those being groomed for higher responsibilities. Practicing Accountants and Consultants specializing in Internal  Audit and Assurance functions will also find this programme valuable. Management having outsourced Internal  Audit Functions may also obtain an insight into the possible enhancements in the role of Internal Auditors 

Course Takeaways

Besides providing an opportunity to share mutual experiences and benefit from the insights offered, 
participants can expect to :

  • Upgrades the Audit Department's performance through learning based on case studies presented by 
  • Network with fellow professionals.
  • Enhance the Audit Department's value addition to their organisation by application of cost reduction 
    methodology and case studies presented by the speakers.
  • Reaffirm their role and contribution in overall value addition.


"Good coverage, presentation & course material". - Amit V. Vaidya - Sharp and Tannan Associates, Pune

"Good coverage, presentation & course material, overall seminar was good - Roop Narain ".- Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd.

"Excellent presentation, coverage - Good course material - excellent seminar".- Sunil Kumar - Reliance Infocomm Ltd. 

"Good coverage, presentation & course material, overall seminar was good ". - P. Ramanathan - Cabot India Limited

Business Risk Management and Internal Control

Venue : Council Room, Hotel Blue Diamond Pune

Date : 20th January, 2003

Organisation Challenges

Growth opportunities, competition, cost reduction, downsizing, value creation for shareholders and customers, profit center restructuring and bottom line improvements are providing new challenges for organisations, corporate governors and Internal Audit professionals. Global, regional and industry dynamics are changing constantly, with very significant impacts on organisation risks and control systems.  How can an organisation stay ‘in control’ in such challenging times?  Corporate Assurance services, in particular must make a value-adding contribution or it will become irrelevant.

This workshop provides practical guidance about improving organisation performance through better risk management and control systems.  Assurance on risk and control leads to better organisation performance.  There is confusion about the connection between risk management, assurance and control systems.  The workshop removes that confusion by providing a strategy for ‘Risk Assurance Services’ and practical guidance in best practices in risk assurance using relevant case studies from Indian organisations.  The workshop is designed to provide practical and personal assistance to understand and apply these practices.


  • Develop sensitivity to risk exposures
  • Practice risk analysis techniques using relevant case study
  • Understand risk assessment by applying evaluation scale
  • Contribute to risk treatment options and actions
  • Understand Internal control in a structured form
  • Practice control analysis using relevant case studies
  • Application of control models towards evaluation of controls at Board levels
  • Contribute to controls improvement

Coverage and Contents

Business Risk Management.

The Australia / New Zealand Risk Management Standard – 4360 provides a structured approach to managing exposures in organisations. It is not a ready to implement “how to” answer. Risk Management is as much an art as it is a science and skillful Risk Manager brings with him a large knowledge base of risk incidents on a global scale with an ability to integrate apparently disjointed events into a meaningful whole.

The Standard in its entirety will be explored using a case study, which shall span a whole day covering all the facets of a risk management process. By the end of the day, the group shall be able to appreciate the finger aspect of risk management process and be ready to take up risk management activity in their work environments.

Internal Control Systems

Internal control systems are building blocks that ensure that the business is on tract at all times. It enables the business to be on autopilot with warning signals being given at appropriate times. Internal control systems are a part of the professional literature since ages. Since the 1970’s, internal control has been assuming increasing importance around the world and is becoming a regular matter for discussion by the regulatory bodies.

Control frame works have been devised in US like COSO (Committee of Sponsoring Organisations of the Treadway Commission – Internal Control – An Integrated Framework) and in Canada like CoCo (Criteria of Control) Specific control frameworks have been drafted and published for the IT industry like COBIT 3rd Edition (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology).

The generic control standard – COCO (US) and CoCo (Canada) and also appreciation of COBIT (ISACA, US) will be discussed.


This workshop will be conducted by Mr. Deepjee Singhal & Mr. Manish Pipalia.


Presentation, Case Studies and group exercise.


"Excellent coverage and presentation was good - Ranjan Bose". - SRF Limited, Delhi

"Excellent coverage, presentation and excellent course material". - Amit V. Vaidya - Sharp and Tannan Associates, Pune  

"Excellent coverage, good presentation & course material - overall seminar was excellent". - S.B. Purohit - D.S. Kulkarni Developers Ltd. Pune

"Excellent coverage, presentation and good course material". - R. Murali - Kalyani Software (P) Ltd. - Pune 

Who should attend?

The workshop is designed for Audit Committee Members, CEOs & CFOs, other senior managers and professionals in Internal Auditing and Risk Management.  These are the people for whom the workshop answers the questions about competent ‘risk assurance services’

What does it mean? Where do you start? What should you expect?

This is a unique opportunity to bring specific challenges into an interactive and stimulating workshop. Under the guidance of expert facilitators, you will really get to grips with and solve those issues that have been restricting your development.

Programme Design and Delivery

The seminar designed by the Workshop division of Sama Audit Systems & Softwares Pvt. Ltd. Sama reserves the right to change any Topic/Speaker in the event of any contingency.