Audit Charter to Audit Committee Presentation

Event of immediate practical utility, a hands-on workshop for top management.

Venue : Chamber II Hotel Blue Diamond

Held in Pune - 23rd October, 2001

Course Background

In a business environment characterized by increased competition, increasing pressures on bottom-lines, fast paced growth and innovation, Top Management globally are becoming focused on value addition. Activities are coming under scrutiny in terms of costs and benefits. Regulatory authorities are seeking to bring in provisions that enhance the responsibility to Top Management to a wide range of stakeholders. All these changes have led to an increased need for assurance services. Internal Auditors are being looked upon to provide this assurance.

Top Management in organisation are beginning to acknowledge Internal Auditors as their eyes and ears on the organization's performance. New roles and expectation are being identified for Internal Auditors as consultants, facilitators and change agents. The Internal Auditors at all levels need to be in tune with the changing expectations of the Top Management and do justice to their roles. The Institute of Internal Auditors, Florida, USA has also acknowledged this change as evidenced in the new definition - " Internal Auditing is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve and organization's operations. It helps an organisation accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes."

Internal Auditors have been control experts all along. The Internal Auditors in India have been adopting new skills and techniques as per the need of the day. Today's challenges are for structured performance of Internal Audit at world class levels. How an Internal Auditors can meet these challenges is the focus of this workshop.

Course Takeaways

Besides providing an opportunity to share mutual experiences and benefit from the insights offered, participants can expect to :

  • Upgrades the Audit Department's visible structure through and Audit Charter.
  • Appreciate Risk Management concepts and issues and their applicability tot he audit planning process.
  • Enhance the Audit execution process through improved understanding of Risk and Control as per COSO.
  • Improved written communication particularly audit reports and presentation style to Audit Committees.
  • Reaffirm their role and contribution in overall value addition.

Programme Participation

This programme is conceived to provide an appreciation of emerging concepts and its impact on the audit life cycle which can be a platform for an informed and better equipped Internal Audit and Assurance function fully geared to meet the new demands from its Board and Management. Companies are therefore encouraged to sponsor their nominees drawn from top/middle management positions in Internal Audit and assurance and finance functions. The programme is tailored to suit both incumbent officers and those being groomed for higher responsibilities. Practicing Accountants and Consultants specializing in Internal Audit and Assurance functions will also find this programme valuable. Management having outsourced Internal Audit Functions may also obtain an insight into the possible enhancements in the role of Internal Auditors.

Programme Design and Delivery

The seminar designed by the Workshop division of Sama Audit Systems & Softwares Pvt. Ltd. will be addressed by experienced Internal Auditors.

Inauguration and Key Note Speaker :

Mr. S.B. (Ravi) Pandit - Chartered Accountant

Speakers :

Deepjee Singhal - Chartered Accountant

Manish Pipalia  - Chartered Accountant


"Excellent workshop with coverage of aspects intended to be covered and practical exposure with systems / tools".
- Ajit Chandran - Elgi Equipments Ltd.

"Excellent - gave value for money". 
- V.M. Damle -  Unichem Laboratories Ltd.

"Excellent - very crisp presentation".
- Ms. S. RAjeshwari - Forbes MArshall.

"Excellent - presentation, time bound, understanding".
- Atul Mehrothra - Indiacom Directories Ltd.

"Excellent - Conceptual clarity of the subject, identification of the role of an Internal Auditor comprehensively, excellent arrangement of the presentation of the subject which enabled to concentrate on the relevant subject / topics".  
- K.T. Thakur - Bank of Maharashtra.