Information Systems Risk & Control 23rd to 25th November, 2006

ITC Grand Maratha Sheraton & Tower - Ball Room III, Sahar Road, Mumbai

Coverage and Contents

This workshop shall provide practical guidance about improving organisation performance through better risk management and control systems.

Programme- Day 1

Control DNA - Continuous Improvement
IT Governance & Related Framework
Using COBIT Implementing IT Governance - Case Studies
Auditing Sharing of Practical Experiences
Analysis in Application Softwares

Programme- Day 2

Computer Forensics
Incident Response Management
Networking Security Management - Sharing Practical Experiences
IT Risk Management
Implementation - Critical Factors for Success

Programme- Day 3

CAATS IDEA tool Application with case studies.
IT Auditing using ISO 27001 Framework - key factors to be highlighted

Course Takeaways :

  • Understanding risk management cases as applied by various organisations
  • Sharing of specific areas under risk management – especially risk management in IT infrastructure, foreign exchange and international ventures.

Testimonials :

ITC Grand Maratha Sheraton & Towers - Ball Room II, Mumbai - 23rd to 25th November, 2006     Source content  selected  were  meaningful  and to  the  point  and  faculty were very interactive - Mr. Dheeraj Janbandhu - Central Bank of India.

Good selection of topics and all guest speakers were excellent -Mr.D.G. Patondikar-Central Bank of India.

Topic coverage was thoughtful & presentation of topic were excellent - Mr. Tawfik H. Ghilan - GTZ Coca - Yemen

Comprehensive, Simple and easy to understand, Expert opinion & experience sharing - Mr. Anjan Joshi - HDFC Ltd.