IDEA Data Analysis Software – Onsite Training

Scripting for Enhanced Analytics

Course Schedule

  1. Introduction to IDEA Script – Automating Repetitive Tasks, Create a Local automated audit system, working with other OLE –Enabled Software, Creating Special tests and/or functions, Importing Files
  2. Recording a Macro – Planning, Using Visual Script Editor
  3. The IDEA Script Environment – IDEA Script Window, Create a Macro from History Log, Binding the Macro to the Windows Ribbon
  4. Understanding the IDEA Script Syntax
  5. Working with Macros – Introducing Variables, Constants and Data Types, Naming Variables, Documenting Macros
  6. Customizing Macros – Add Input Boxes, Message Boxes…
  7. Using the Language Browser – Control Structures, Conditional Structures, Repeating or Looping Structures, Branching Structures
  8. Functions & Sub routines
  9. Array Handling
  10. Creating Dialog Boxes
  11. Error Validation
  12. General – Good practices, Using specialised routines,
  13. Case Studies