IDEA Data Analysis Software – Onsite Training

Getting Started

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  1. Managing Databases – Project Management, Library, File Explorer, Database Management
  2. Obtaining and Importing the Data – Planning, Different File Types, Importing Different File Types.
  3. Reconciling and Examining the Data – Reconciliation Principles, Using Control Total, Field Statistics, Indexing, Sorting, Find and Group Records.
  4. Isolating Specific Records – Filtering Data, Using Equation Editor, Direct Extraction
  5. Profiling Data - Stratification – all types, Summarisation, Use of Pivot Table
  6. Identifying Irregularities – Finding Duplicates and Non-Duplicates, Identifying Gaps
  7. Sampling – Systematic Record Sampling, Random Record Sampling, Stratified Random Sampling
  8. Field Manipulation – Modifying Fields, Appending Fields of different types
  9. Building Simple Equations using @ Functions
  10. Using Multiple Databases – Appending Databases, Joining Databases
  11. Working with Output – Report, Export Data, Transfer Data
  12. Documentation Standards