IDEA Data Analysis Software – Onsite Training

Advanced Analytics

Course Schedule

  1. Recap of Introductory Training and Lessons Learnt
  2. Advanced Imports – Using the Record Definition Editor, Import complex files using Report Reader
  3. Advanced Tasks – Extracting Selected records, Working with Key Value Extraction, Indexed Extraction, Top Records Extraction, Define Action Fields, Search
  4. Advanced Sampling Techniques – Monetary Unit Sampling, Attribute Sampling
  5. Connecting Multiple Databases – Using Full text search, Compare Databases, Join Vs Visual Connector
  6. Introduction to IDEA Script – Overview, Automating Repetitive Tasks, Creating Macros
  7. Benford’s Law – Working with Benford’s Law
  8. Advanced Field Manipulation
  9. Advanced @ Functions
  10. Using Custom Functions
  11. Using Advanced Statistical Methods – Trend Analysis, Correlation, Time Series
  12. Case Studies