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SmartExporter Offers a Variety of Ways to Export SAP Data

Whether online or offline, Smart Exporter allows the user to schedule exports based on the current system workload, or set the data extraction for a specific time, such as nights or weekends.

Online - Connect to the SAP system and export data directly using scheduling options to minimize impact and save data in a pre-set location.

Offline - Generate a data request on the desktop in XML or TXT format, then forward the request to the appropriate SAP contact with access to the system. They will provide the extracted data file. This process can be useful to company employees and to external service providers for clear communication with SAP administrators.

Secure Solution

SmartExporter offers additional security by applying existing SAP user permissions - standard or custom privileges. User access to SAP data is limited by the pre-set permissions within SAP therefore the original data cannot be edited. Any data previews are read only. All actions are recorded by a unique ID on the client or SAP side, which ensures maximum transparency when using SmartExporter.

Case Summary: An energy services company implemented a data analysis facility focused on generating exception reports and summary analyses to help its internal audit team conduct risk assessments. The audit team had limited SAP experience and needed to extract specific data from 10,000 SAP data tables. They implemented SmartExporter, and within minutes they were able to identify the exact SAP data tables required with minimal input from IT. By using SmartExporter’s scheduling capabilities, they reduced the impact on system performance, relied on IT significantly less, reduced costs and improved their efficiency. The identification of errors and process weaknesses within payroll and accounts payable offset the cost of SmartExporter, and delivered fast ROI.

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