Smart Exporter - Benefits

SAP is used by thousands of organizations worldwide, and if your role requires you to analyze SAP data outside the system, you may have encountered some challenges. SmartExporter resolves many common issues associated with accessing SAP data such as security, data capacity and timing of data downloads.

When it comes to data extraction, SAP presents some unique challenges for users. From large volumes of data, complicated structures, complex workflows, complex and insufficient query tools and heavy reliance on IT professionals for assistance, getting SAP data for analysis is both time consuming and cumbersome. SmartExporter resolves these issues and offers some unique advantages including:

  • Certified by SAP
  • Secure solution for exporting SAP data - online or offline
  • Ease of use - Simple Windows-based application allows precise downloads
  • Use of standard or customized data dictionaries
  • Re-usable templates maintained and modified by users as needed
  • Ability to export files of any size
  • Direct access to SAP via custom access privileges
  • Scheduling capabilities - configure based on system demands or times
  • Formatting options and output to IMD (IDEA), CSV, Access and TXT files
  • Capacity indicators and preview options
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