Smart Exporter - 6 Step Process

SmartExporter uses a Remote Function Call (RFC) module to access SAP systems, which is both efficient and effective. To further enhance extraction speed, end users can adjust the performance settings, change application options, submit data requests and assign packet size values between 100 and 1,000. Job processing priorities may be set as high, medium or low to alert the SAP administrator about the urgency of requests.

Step 1: Select from a listing of standard SAP data tables (up to 79,000), or your company's customized tables

Step 2: Use the Quick Filters feature to refine the data for all selected tables by date, company code, plant code, record type, etc.

Step 3: Choose fields and desired filters to further narrow your search criteria

Step 4: Check the file size, file layout and table permission/access levels using preview buttons

Step 5: Define data request options and select your output format (IDEA, TXT, AIS, Microsoft Access)

Step 6: Check on the status of your data request - indicators provide real-time updates

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