LexComply – Overview


LexComply-Corp provides a robust automated compliance management platform for all your compliance, corporate governance and risk management needs as an organization. It helps to identify, assign and manage more than 200 Central, State and Local laws pertaining Taxation, Labour Laws, Trade specific laws and much more. It generates and sends alerts for compliances pertaining to Registration/Approval, Modifications, Intimations, Registers, Statutory Dues, and Returns etc as one time, due date based, event based and ongoing compliances at relevant time. It serves as centralized repository of acts, rules, forms and other allied documents to make compliance efficient. It automates reminders, status reports, updates, task and compliance proof management. If you have multiple entities, it unifies them on a single platform and helps you to save on time and resources, hence reducing cost. We at Lexcomply do the hand holding for your compliance team from integration to implementation. You will be benefited by our real-time legislative updates since experts keep your accounts posted with latest changes and developments of the applicable statutes and laws and equip you with the latest relevant compliances.

Key Features of LexComply

Comprehensive Coverage :

Ensure compliance coverage with India’s most Comprehensive solution with 300+ Regulations And 14,500+ unique Compliances. Separate Act Library containing Act Documents, Amendments, & Notifications. Compliance briefs for each compliance specifying Applicability, Penal Provision, Key Definitions, Exemptions, & Filling Forms are Available. Links to Government & Other Useful Websites are available. Changes are archived for references during Audit and Inspections. All the legal updates are intimated within minimum possible time as Dedicated team surfs 200+ Websites daily.

Organogram & Controls :

In LexComply solution one can configure Unlimited Entities with Centralized Access Control. There is 5 level responsibility matrix and only relevant compliances are visible to relevant stakeholders. In this solution Internal & external ecosystem has to be mapped for better compliance reporting. It also offers flexibility to choose department wise or enterprise wise implementation.

Ease of Use :

Lexcomply solutions offers personalized compliance calendar as per user and shows Due dates at current and future. It also has Event checks and On-Going check Cycle periodically. This solutions is very easy to Learn and Use and offers Personalized User Experience. There is also Document Management System where you can upload multiple proofs of Compliance & Documents and offers 1 click search of Proofs.

Report & Dashboards :

  • Auto reports with access control
  • Adhoc reports on 15 parameters
  • Management Dashboard with drill down to compliance level
  • Read only access for Auditors & Independent Directors
  • Excel download

Escalations & Reminders :

  • System generated reminders & escalations
  • Users types - Super Admin, Admin, FPR, Approver, HOD, Management, Auditor
  • Mailers to relevant users on compliance addition, extension