7 Signs You Need Collaborative Analytics

Review these questions, and if your response is "yes" to one or more, then IDEA Server may be right for your organization. We offer free, no-obligation technical assessments to help you determine if you could benefit from IDEA Server. Contact us to discuss your needs.

  1. Do you or your team need to access IDEA when working remotely?
  2. Would your team benefit from increased consistency and collaboration?

    (For example, does your team work independently on databases or spreadsheets, which creates deviated processes based on individual practices or work styles?)

  3. Would greater speed and performance for your data analysis improve your productivity? (For example, do large data sets typically take more than a half-hour to run on the desktop version of IDEA?)
  4. When processing large files with the desktop version, are other applications slow to respond?
  5. Do you spend a significant amount of time acquiring and importing data into IDEA? Or does your computer freeze when downloading a large data set, or uploading data from ODBC connections, ERPs or during other large transfers?
  6. Are you concerned about data security (i.e., confidential data stored on USBs and laptops)?
  7. Are there repetitive or routine processes that you would automate, and make available to all members of your team?

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