Continuous Monitoring - Benefits

Enterprise-Wide Oversight
Data streams from different applications, systems and third parties are consolidated to eliminate blind spots. CaseWare Monitor delivers a holistic view of business processes for deeper knowledge of what is transpiring within the organization, and helps improve organizational oversight. Setting the right frequency for review allows you the peace of mind to focus on other important and strategic functions, knowing that you will be alerted when an exception occurs.

Immediate Detection & Response
The faster you can identify errors, fraud and internal control deficiencies, the faster they can be resolved, especially if stakeholders are automatically alerted to abuses within any system. CaseWare Monitor offers scheduling flexibility to be proactive, affording you time to resolve issues before they impact customers, vendors or other parts of the business. Visibility to all stakeholders and communication of outcomes is a deterrent to future anomalies.

Alerts and exception reports improve reaction time and minimize exposure. If issues are not resolved in a timely manner, other stakeholders are notified via an escalation process to ensure resolution.

Loss Prevention & Cost Savings
By taking a proactive approach to fraud and revenue loss, assets are protected and financial statements are more accurate. Continuous monitoring offers immediate, data-driven information to tighten internal controls, improve operational efficiency, achieve compliance objectives and reduce audit costs. In addition to minimizing expenses and maximizing revenues, man-hours to correct errors and identify exceptions are reduced. Real money savings are achieved.

System Value
CaseWare Monitor is a sustainable process that easily integrates with existing systems. Our unique approach to implementation and training insures that maintenance does not require expensive consulting. Business processes or additional business rules can be configured without additional software costs beyond additional users. You create an ongoing value stream and build on your successes.


Single Controls Portal - Intuitive interface providing an enterprise-wide view of controls, including performance indicators to demonstrate success, ROI and progression of resolutions.

Works with Existing System - Data is collected from any source, from ERPs to system logs, external databases and legacy systems. Integrates with IDEA, SQL and other analytics tools.

Exception and Parameter Management - Fully customizable. Use your organization’s business rules, controls, and exception reports. Analytics can be modified, automated and repeated as needed.

Built-In Workflow & Immediate Notification - Facilitates assignment, approval and escalation of issues. Notifications are sent via e-mail or SMS.

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