Continuous Monitoring - 5 step framework

CaseWare Monitor’s collaborative, open design allows you to use pre-developed scripts, create your own, or work with our professional services experts to create customized scripts. This approach gives you the freedom and structure to script the basic logic according to your specific organizational needs. After the business rules are scripted, CaseWare Monitor handles the rest including frequency, notifications, risk levels and routing of exceptions. The open framework consists of 5 development and implementation stages:

Step 1 Identify Key Controls and Data to be Monitored – Access data from any source including ERPs, legacy apps, system logs, telecom switches, data collection agents, etc.
Step 2 Design Tests – Use any data query tools to perform tests, or use solution sets from pre-configured tests.
Step 3 Schedule Tasks & Process Configuration – Configure reports, then set schedules (frequency). Establish exception workflow to responsible parties with deadlines, escalations, risk ratings, reason codes and other details.
Step 4 Receive Issues & Alerts – Alerts via SMS and e-mail are sent only when new exceptions are generated. View issues or exceptions via dashboards and reports. Enter resolutions to close out issues.
Step 5 Monitor all Issues to Enhance Controls – Use the workflow management and dashboards to track, document and report resolution of issues. Use analytical findings to adjust internal controls as needed.

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