Continuous Monitoring - Overview


Business Insights

Business executives can become privy to insights that can improve their decision making and increase the overall success of the organization. The solution automatically detects errors or abuses across multiple business systems and delivers proactive alerts to business stakeholders throughout the organization. The business benefits from a sustainable feedback mechanism to improve both controls and the associated business processes.

More Efficient Audits and Monitoring of Controls

The move from a process of periodic auditing to one that is current allows Internal Audit to meet the increasing expectations from audit committees and executive management for insight that is timely and subsequently of higher value. Data feeds and analysis can be automated and repeated as needed allowing for more time to analyse significant risks.

"It takes an average of 342 days to detect a fraud, at which point 89% of all proceeds are unrecoverable." - KPMG Fraud Survey

Continuous Monitoring Solution for the Enterprise

There is an increasing need for simple and effective systems to detect disbursement issues, protect revenues, ensure operational efficiencies and maintain profitability. Continuous Monitoring is a software solution that provides secure, flexible and immediate results to prevent fraud, enhance business efficiencies and maintain compliance with regulation and internal policies. It offers unique benefits and capabilities such as enterprise-wide oversight via a single portal, the integration of data collection and analysis with a configurable workflow and tracking of each exception from detection through resolution.

Continuous Monitoring improves compliance and controls through customizable business rules and automated alerts. Communicating through a single portal, all stakeholders can independently monitor controls and anomalies across multiple business processes and systems. This collaborative framework helps you detect and correct errors and abuses before they impact your organization. Additionally, new business processes can be added and existing ones can be modified as your business grows and evolves. Fully configurable scheduling delivers enterprise-wide monitoring and the ability to remedy issues systematically as you go. For a free, no-obligation consultation contact

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