Shared IDEA Scripts

The following scripts are available for IDEA:

Random Sample by Stratum v7 – This script separates a stratified database by stratum and then performs a simple random sample on each separate database using the same Random Number Seed. The sample files for each stratum are appended together to create one file for testing.

Remove Quote Marks – This script can be used to create a new field without quotation marks when quotation marks are contained in an original character field.

RunIndex – This script allows you to select a key field to use as an index and a numeric field to be totaled. The script then produces a running total based on the selected key.

AccTotal – This script produces a running total for a numeric field.

Classical Sample Planning – This script may be used to calculate the required sample size for a population/stratum. It is based on the Classical Sample Planning function in the DOS version of IDEA.

Amounts by Month – This script summarizes a numeric amount field by the month in the date field for key field selected by the user.

Large Items with Sample – This script separates large items and items under the cut–off amount. Then a random sample is selected from the items under the cut–off amount.

Time Interval Sample – This script produces a sample based on a time interval selection.

Coefficient of Variance – This script calculates the coefficient of variance for a selected numeric field and writes the results in the history log.

Stratum Sample Planning with History – Similar to the Classical Sample Planning script above, this script allows users to calculate the required sample size for a stratum/population and writes the results to the history log.

Add Z–Stat Field – This script adds a Z–stat field to any Benford's Analysis output file selected. The Z–stat calculates the significance of the variance between the actual record count for each digit combination and expected record count from Benford's equations. It provides a mechanism for the user to easily identify the most significant variances.

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