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There are times when it simply makes more sense to seek the expertise of others than to toil and struggle with a particular challenge, need or task.

We know IDEA. Let us put the 15 years of experience using IDEA to work for your organization. There is no job too small, or too complex. From IDEA Server implementations, to automating tasks, to helping you define what tests to run – we do it all. Our professional services team is comprised of expert script coders, certified financial services and fraud examiners, and the ever-reliable IDEA Help Desk team. Here are just a few examples of the professional services we provide:

  • Product Implementations

    IDEA Data Analysis – Assistance using IDEA’s features and functionality, including working with complex data files
    Collaborative Analytics – Work with audit team and IT to integrate with datacenter technologies, and custom script development to capture and automate processes
    Continuous Monitoring – Help determine what controls need to be monitored within multiple business units and systems, develop customized scripts and provide training to users
    SmartExporter – Assist with installation, configuration and training of users to export data from SAP

  • Customized IDEAScript Development – Let our experts help you automate inherited tasks from start to finish. We can define and capture a process, obtain the data, implement your objectives, configure short cuts, modify the process as needed and get desired results. We do the work for you.
    Example: A major oil and gas corporation contacted us to assist with automating their process for analyzing more than 1 million transactions each month to search for duplicate payments. It was taking their team 8 hours to look through 13 months of data at a time. We worked with them to develop a script, which reduced the man hours to set-up the analysis to 5 minutes per month and allowed the computer to finish the analytic to identify potential duplicates in just 2 hours.
  • Importing Services – Ever wrestled with importing a complex file, and the file won? Save time (and frustration) by sending us the data you need imported – including complex PDF files - and we’ll send you the IDEA file, or export them to another file type. We haven’t met a file yet that’s stumped our team!
  • Analytics Assistance – Two heads are better than one. Let us help you determine what data you need, where it’s coming from, what tests to run and how to define those tests. We have experience with payables issues, duplicate detection, eliminating or reducing false positives, and more.
  • Define Processes for Optimization – We can help you define and automate processes for repeatable tasks, such as monitoring booking and payment controls in Purchase to Pay.
  • Statistical Sampling and Analysis – We provide guidance on sampling techniques and conclusions using IDEA's various sampling routines. We can assist you with planning and executing sampling to detect monetary misstatement, and offer direction on advanced statistical methods such as trend analysis and regression.

How can we help you? We offer free, no-obligation quotes. Contact us at

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