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Why Certification?

The CaseWare Analytics Certification provides a standard accreditation that distinguishes you as being able to utilize CaseWare Analytics technology in your daily analysis and/or audit work. The certification program is designed to aid in your professional development, by showcasing that you possess premium technical abilities and are capable of providing knowledgeable business analysis and recommendations. Obtaining a CaseWare Analytics Certification gives an independent validation of your skills and expertise in using analytics and scripting.


  • Obtain professional recognition in your industry
  • Gain a competitive edge in your career through certification recognition
  • Get Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credits when attending the training courses required for the exam
  • Become an acknowledged expert by having your name published on our website; with approval

Types of Certification

    The certification program spans individuals and distributors.
  • Certified IDEA Data Analyst (CIDA)
  • Certified IDEAScript Expert (CISE) (Available in April 2014)

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There are two paths to becoming eligible to write the exam. Please indicate the path that applies to you:

  • TRAINING: You must have completed the courses indicated in the brochure (or the equivalent provided by one of our distributors). Please tell use where and when you have attended training; or,
  • EXPERIENCE: You must send us documentation of your experience using IDEA Data Analysis (two-page minimum), a letter from a supervisor or colleague attesting to your competency with IDEA (stating that you have used IDEA actively in the last two years) and a description of at least two substantial projects in which you used IDEA and or IDEAScript. The certification coordinator will contact you for more information.

I am interested in becoming a:

  • Certified IDEA Data Analyst (CIDA)
  • Certified IDEAScript Expert (CISE)

Become an IDEA Expert : Preparatory Material for CIDA has been published by Audit Solutions Inc. in cooperation with CaseWare Analytics Inc. It is offered by Sama Audit Systems & Softwares Pvt. Ltd. as the Indian distributor of IDEA.

The Q&A format is designed to facilitate learning, understanding and readability. While this book is an excellent self-study guide, the CIDA review constitutes candidates complete formal training offered by Sama Audit Systems & Softwares Pvt. Ltd.

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We look forward to learning more about your business. Thank you for your interest.

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