BLISS - CimplyFive

BLISS – Features


1) Automation of Corporate Secretarial Routines

  • Curated Resolutions with provision to edit
  • Registers & Returns linked to resolutions
  • Resolutions needing ratification auto populated in Board Meetings & Shareholders Meetings
  • Secretarial Standard compliant Agenda / Minutes generated
  • 200+ curated but editable resolutions
  • Prepopulated Minutes for Agendas/Notice generated
  • Prefilled MGT-7

2) E-Repository for All Secretarial records

  • Ready access to all secretarial records
  • Automated Search to locate required documents
  • Anywhere anytime secured access to records
  • Secretarial records organized financial year wise
  • Distinct provision for storing records created outside BLISS
  • Provision to store supporting documents for resolutions
  • Daily backup and monitored Disaster recovery plan

3) Risk Management Dashboard & Email alerts

  • Real time Dashboard on compliance status
  • Summary compliance status for user’s portfolio
  • Prompt Email alerts to initiate compliance tasks
  • Green Amber Red colour code to reflect compliance status
  • Real-time status change updates
  • Reasons for Compliance/ Non-compliance on mouse-over
  • Penalty for non-compliance quantified

4) CLOUD based software

  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • Real-time updates for Co. law changes
  • Centralized storage-Reduced costs
  • Security audit certified (VAPT)
  • Amazon Web Service (AWS) hosted
  • Multi-layered security
  • User defined access rights