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Getting started with BLISS

What is BLISS?

BLISS (Board Leaders Integrated Software Solution) is a CLOUD hosted software for tracking compliance with the Companies Act, 2013 that automates Secretarial routines, is an e-repository for secretarial records and provides timely alerts to ensure compliance with the Act.

BLISS provides peace of mind and comfort to the Board of Directors and strategic shareholders by giving them real-time compliance status with the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013.


To get started with BLISS, you have to register yourself as a user on and purchase the desired number of CINs (Company Identification Number), and register the selected company in BLISS by entering the CIN.

To start using BLISS, you need to create Company Master Data which takes between 15-25 minutes. All publicly available information is auto populated from the MCA site. Only non-public information needs to be entered by the user in BLISS.

What are CIN credits?

BLISS tracks companies based on their CIN number. To register a company in BLISS, you need to buy a CIN credit for the financial year by making payment based on the tariff card. On registering a company, one CIN credit gets utilized for each financial year.

How many users are provided for a company?

BLISS has 5 categories of users with varying user rights tabulated below:

For each company the user can create a maximum of 20 users.

Can I store past secretarial records in BLISS?

You can create secretarial records for the past financial years by buying Previous Year CINs at subsidized rates. However, if you want to store key secretarial records from the past, you can store them free of cost in the past records section by uploading scanned copy of the records.

Demo and Trial

Do you offer a free demo of BLISS?

Yes, you can request for a free demo of our product by filling in your details on [ here ] or writing to us at or calling us on +91-22-26743675.

Do I get a free trial before I subscribe to BLISS?

Yes, you get to experience BLISS hands on before you subscribe to it. You can request for the trial/demo version soon after the product demo is complete and our team has provided you with the necessary information to use BLISS. In addition, you can visit our Youtube channel for a refresher or go through our help section[url link] or reach out to us or +91-22-26743675.

Please note the data you have entered in BLISS will be purged every 60 days.

Is there a free version of BLISS?

No, we do not offer a free version of BLISS. Please note that the subscription charge for BLISS is nominal and value for money.

Pricing Plans and Payments

What subscription plans are available for BLISS?

You can subscribe to BLISS for one year, 2 years or for 3 years. The subscription plan comes with volume discount for bulk users. Do refer to our pricing section for more details.

Can I purchase more CINs at a later point of time after subscribing?

Yes, you can purchase additional CINs at anytime that you may need. If you use your registered email ID, BLISS tracks your subscription history and automatically provides you the volume discount that you are entitled to.

How can I pay for my BLISS subscription?

BLISS subscription can be made using any one of the following online payment modes:

  • Internet Banking
  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards

Accounts and Security

Can I transfer the companies registered in my account to another subscriber?

Yes, you can transfer your subscriber rights in a company to another registered user.

How do I reset my password?

If at any point of time, you have forgotten your password or want to reset it, you can click on ‘Forgot Password’ on the login screen which will send a password reset link to your registered email address. You can click on the link and reset your password.

How secure is the data stored in BLISS?

BLISS is hosted on the AWS CLOUD whose data centres and network architecture is compliant with the state of art security standards. In addition, at periodic intervals BLISS application undergoes a VAPT(Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test) by a third party security audit firm. Certificate from the third party audit firm can be provided on request.