Accelerate your audit with Analytic Intelligence

Only available with IDEA 10

Analytic Intelligence shows you the starting point in your data, immediately revealing the area of interest that need investigation - helping you become the trusted advisor to your business.

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Continuous Monitoring

Better business through Data analysis and Monitoring

Business executives can become privy to insights that can improve their decision making and increase the overall success of the organization.

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Wolters Kluwer Teammate

Services for the Risk Management

More than 15,000 financial services organizations worldwide turn to Wolters Kluwer Financial Services for the risk management, compliance, finance and audit solutions.

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Smart Exporter

Fast and easy solution to access SAP data for review and analysis

SAP is used by thousands of organizations worldwide, and if your role requires you to analyze SAP data outside the system, you may have encountered some challenges.

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Collaborative Analytics

Better business through Data analysis and Monitoring

IDEA Server's secure, self-service access to data, accelerated performance on large data sets, and collaborative support helps you work smarter together.

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Litigation Mangement Solutions

LEXCOMPLY - Litigation Management System

Centrally monitor and control legal cases, notice to improve efficiencies, communication through the legal ecosystem.

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A product of - CimplyFive TM

BLISS (Board Leaders Integrated Software Solution) is a CLOUD hosted software for Company Secretaries that automates routines, e-repository for secretarial records and provides timely alerts to ensure compliance and good corporate governance.

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Consulting Services

Whether providing specific services or complete turn-key solutions, out professionals are experienced and skilled in assessing, designing and implementing quality solutions efficiently and with a maximum ROI. They possess a wealth of experience in assessing and identifying business requirements and are knowledgeable in working with complex technical environments.

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